According to experts, here are the two foods that help eliminate belly fat

Practicing regular physical activity, following a healthy and balanced diet, here are the rules to follow to stay fit and in good health. There are certainly no secrets, but certain foods can help speed up the process. Experts have lifted the veil on two foods that are particularly effective for melting abdominal fat.

Proteins: an ally for weight loss

O proteins They are great allies to lose weight effectively. In fact, numerous studies have already proven its effectiveness in promoting muscle at the expense of fat mass. Experts therefore revealed in the columns She thinks about the consumption of black beans and salmon that allows Significantly reduces visceral fat. These two foods have the particularity of being rich in protein.

Salmon: the food of choice

O salmonRich in protein but also widely known for its good fats, it’s also packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. According to Heather Hanks, nutritionist at Medical Solutions Barcelona, ​​salmon also “reduce inflammation, regulate immune health and promote digestion”, which promotes weight loss. To maximize the effects of this food, Heather Hanks recommends trying “low-carb salmon salad with vegetables for lunch to promote satiety, increase energy levels, and improve digestion”.

Black beans: a significant source of protein

Relative black beansnutritionist Trista Best explained the She thinks that they “contains a ton of nutrients at any meal, which is helpful when trying to get adequate protein on a plant-based diet and reducing your grocery budget”. As a bonus, black beans are low in calories, help eliminate toxins and are very satiating, which helps prevent snacking. Trista Bella recommends accompanying it with a portion of rice, as it is “best way to absorb the 9 essential amino acids“.

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