A thousand flavors of an archipelago: Japanese cuisine in all its splendor told by Aihara Yumiko

When we think of Japanese cuisine, images of fresh sushi and steaming bowls of ramen often come to mind. However, this cuisine, so rich in history and nuances, goes far beyond these tasty clichés. According to Aihara Yumiko, agri-food consultant at the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization (Jetro) in Paris and gastronomic journalist, who presented this culinary art on Monday, November 27, in Casablanca: “Each dish, a work of art, is designed to reflect the flavors of the season, with ingredients meticulously chosen for their quality and freshness.”

“Japan, an archipelago of a thousand flavors, offers cuisine as diverse as its landscapes. From the delicate preparation of sashimi to the subtle nuances of kaiseki ryori, Japanese cuisine is a celebration of seasonality and harmony of flavors. With deep roots in culture and history, it continues to evolve, embracing new influences while preserving its traditional essence.explains someone who has written cookbooks at a Tokyo publishing house.

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