A special Christmas menu for children: easy and fun recipes

Get ready to surprise your children with a Christmas menu especially designed for them! Our fun and easy-to-make recipe ideas will turn this festive meal into an unforgettable time. Whether as an aperitif, starter or main dish, these original and tasty recipes will please even the most demanding. So, don’t wait any longer, let yourself be guided by our selection and make this party a moment of pure pleasure for your little gourmets.

Who among you has not prepared a Christmas dinner or the children’s New Year’s Eve and weren’t you demoralized when you saw the badly touched dishes at the end of the meal? Of course, learning good things starts early and I’m not suggesting you prepare a “fried nuggets, cold industrial logs” meal, but rathertantalize your taste buds with dishes best suited to your palate. Also discover: all our Christmas recipes.

Festive meals: Christmas recipes for our children

O festive meal for children go beyond traditional shells or chicken. Unleash your creativity and offer them festive dishes that will awaken their taste buds. Whether appetizers, starters, main courses or desserts, think about Christmas recipes for children that combine simplicity and originality.

  • AppetizerSurprise them with mini cherry tomatoes or spelled flour Christmas cookies.
  • Prohibitedopt for small shell gratins with béchamel sauce or a cheese and chorizo ​​risotto.
  • For the main dishRecipes like Duck Parmentier or Chicken Skewer Meatballs with Parmesan are ideal.
  • Finally, for dessertO chocolate trufflesFunny cookies, gingerbread houses or Christmas logs are essential.

Don’t forget to involve your children in preparing the meal. They will be delighted to get their hands dirty and it will create precious memories.

What menu for Christmas Eve?

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How to organize yourself for Christmas dinner?

Preparing a Christmas meal for children may require specific organization.

Plan the menu is the first step. Be sure to choose recipes that will appeal to kids while keeping the Christmas spirit going.

Involve the children meal prep can also make the experience more enjoyable for them. They can help you prepare some simple recipes or decorate the table.

Think about the presentation dishes. Children’s Christmas meals can be more attractive with festive shapes and colors.

Here are some recipe ideas for a kid-friendly Christmas meal:

  • Appetizers: fir toast with avocado guacamole and fish roe, mini fir puffs with tapenade
  • Appetizer: fruit salad, vegetable sticks with guacamole or hummus
  • Main dishes: burgers, gratins, nuggets
  • Desserts: small shortbread cakes, gingerbread men

Make a shopping list based on the menu you have planned and try to buy in advance to avoid last minute stress.

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