A complete Christmas menu for less than 15 euros per person: frozen food, from appetizers to coffee pushers

We already ate well at the appetizer and starter, not to mention the dessert and the coffee press that will follow so that we can take a piece of meat considered for 6 people and accompany it with festive vegetables and starches. If there are larger eaters, there may also be children who will counterbalance the quantities…

  • Stuffed turkey, chestnuts and porcini mushroom filling: 36.07 euros
  • 6 packages of vegetables (twice): 9.98 euros

  • 8 mini grated vegetables, Comté: 4.20 euros

  • 4 mini dauphinois gratins with Emmental (twice): 9.80 euros

Total dish: 60.05 euros (7.50€/person)

We continue the meal with products from the Delhaize brand that we hope will give them a festive side.

  • fried sweet potato (twice): 4.10 euros
  • 4 broccoli gratins (twice): 6.78 euros
  • Fried country style: 4.59 euros

Unfortunately, Delhaize does not offer frozen meat but it can be served with two fresh roast chickens (to be ordered well in advance): 13.98 euros

Total dish: 29.45 euros (3.69€/person)

We continue with the brand’s festive selection that highlights more noble products for this festive season.

  • Mashed Potatoes with Truffle (twice): 9.98 euros
  • 6 Fried Vegetables (twice): 5.98 euros
  • 4 broccoli gratins (twice): 5.98 euros

Like Delhaize, Carrefour does not offer frozen party meat so we also opted for two roast chickens: 15.98 euros

Total dish: 37.92 euros (4.74€/person)

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