a 2.0 solution to lose weight with flavor

Effective and healthy, meal replacements help you lose weight. But why are they more effective than other types of diets?

The advantage of meal replacements is that they take our contemporary lifestyle into account. When you combine a very demanding job, a family life and countless hobbies, preparing healthy and healthy meals several times a day is a challenge that few of us can take on in our daily lives. We must shop taking into account our weight loss objective, compose varied and balanced meals, which are also easily transportable for the days when we have meetings, sports sessions and activities of all kinds; so many constraints that we often have difficulty maintaining in the long term. Consequence: after a few weeks, we abandon our good resolutions. Some of us then turn to “prepared” foods. Unfortunately, most of the time they are very salty, poor in protein, fiber and micronutrients.

The advantage of a weight loss meal is that it is dosed with great precision. It’s impossible to go wrong: everything is already calculated to provide you with the energy you need. The formulation of Gerlinéa products is strictly regulated by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), in order to provide accurate nutritional intake throughout the day. Several clinical and scientific studies demonstrate, with supporting data, the effectiveness of Gerlinéa meal replacements in the context of weight control.

To lose weight sustainably, it is essential to adopt new habits that help us lose weight, but also stay healthy.

Can meal replacements help me prevent certain bodily disorders?

Because their formulation is perfectly studied, meal replacements not only allow you to lose weight, but also avoid certain deficiencies linked to a classic diet, often full of frustrations. All nutrition experts agree on this: the simpler and more enjoyable a program is to follow, the more you will stick to it. Easy to adopt, satiating and effective, meal replacements will quickly make you forget the morning croissant, very rich in carbohydrates, or the midday kebab: greasy and difficult to digest.

To stay in shape (and motivated) throughout the year, the recipe is simple and fun: continue to have fun every day without getting frustrated or limiting yourself to rules that you won’t be happy to follow. Choose slimming meals that you really like and take advantage of your moments of relaxation, between rushes, to prepare dishes that you can enjoy in peace or in the company of your loved ones.

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