40 Sweet Winter Pies That Warm Your Heart

How to make a sweet winter pie?

What are the winter starfruits?

In winter we give pride of place to citrus fruits. Good news, we are informed in the headset that there is a delicacy that highlights a citrus: the lemon. Whether in the simple version or in meringue, the lemon tart is delicious, especially if prepared with very fleshy and fragrant fruits, completely in season. Obviously, this cream cheese and crunchy pie can be made with other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, divine blood orange, clementine or tangerine. We can also play with a mix of flavors between the strength of lemon and the sweetness of clementine, for example.

But citrus fruits aren’t the only fruits that can be turned into pie. Don’t think that Maçãs e Peras will play as substitutes this season, they are still on the field until the end of the match and intend to score a lot of goals this winter! Thin pie, bourdaloue, tatin, rustic, the variations are countless.

The cozy flavors of winter

Obviously, fruit is a great option when you want to prepare a sweet winter pie, but other products also match the season. This is the case of the king of chocolate, the prince of caramel, the prestigious coconut, the fantastic honey, the enchanting oilseeds, the perfect praline or the grand pink pralines. All these “round” flavors, comforting, creamy, melting, honeyed, in a word addictive, are perfect when the days are cold and you need a dessert that lasts in the body.

And if you want to serve your pie with whipped cream to accentuate the regressive/gourmet side, far be it from us to throw the first piece of butter at you! A sweet winter tart should be comforting, that’s its main mission, so it can include fruit, crème fraîche, chocolate, frangipane or almond cream, caramel, homemade praline, or surpass the story of a seductive meringue.

Easy-to-make sweet winter pies


Whether flaked, broken, buttery or made with mixed biscuits + butter, it doesn’t matter, as long as the deliciousness is present. Of course, we can’t advise you enough to prepare your dough yourself so you can add lemon zest, spices or even alcohol for flavor, but you can also opt for store-bought products. In this case, carefully check the composition of the product by deciphering the label, to choose wisely without being influenced by the “marketing” of certain brands.

The garrison

In the case of chocolate pie, the simplest thing is to make a ganache with chocolate of your choice + hot liquid cream. Once poured into the pre-baked pie crust, you can either refrigerate the pie until the chocolate hardens or place it back in the oven. It all depends on the recipe, and the variations of chocolate pies are as numerous as the world’s chefs. To mean!

For a lemon pie, you could obviously choose store-bought lemon curd, but it wouldn’t really be a homemade lemon pie. And we know that you know that we know! So it’s best to prepare it yourself, especially because it’s super easy. Lemons, eggs, sugar and butter, and we headed to Guingamp. We place it on a pie base and put it in the oven. Even easier to do than write.

For fruit pies, we will not prepare them upside down and rely on your experience. A tart base, fruit pieces, jam and/or strips, a binder which can be an almond cream in the case of bourdaloue, or an egg/cream based device, this is enough to make any fruity tart.

Inspiration from 40 recipes.

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