3 things that happen to the body if you follow the vegan diet for a week

O Vegan dietcommonly called ” Vegan diet » is based on an entirely plant-based diet. Quit meat, fish and seafood! This way of eating goes even further than the vegetarian diet because it also involves give up eggs, butter, dairy, honey or even gelatin. Specifically, we eliminate all foods resulting from animal exploitation from our diet.

Motivation? This is often an environmental and animal preservation concern.

The vegan dish therefore brings together whole grains, oilseeds and fruits and their derivatives (such as vegetable milk), vegetable oils, vegetables and fruits. Only foods from the plant kingdom are allowed.

Can you follow the vegan diet with your eyes closed? It’s risky? What are the effects on the body? Top Santé asked the question to Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist (The Gruman Method).

Yes to the vegan diet for a few days, “but no longer”

The vegan diet Limits the risks of overweight, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. This is not surprising, since we know that these chronic diseases are often favored by a diet too rich in meat and animal fats. We also know that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure andstroke.

However, most doctors and nutritionists I advise against following this diet too strictly in the long term. Most people who follow a vegan diet do not know how to compensate for the loss of nutrients present in animal products. They are then exposed to shortcomings and frustration. While it’s recommended to consume meat and cheese in moderation to stay healthy, that doesn’t mean they’re devoid of essential nutrients. They are particularly rich in vitamins B12 (which cannot be induced except by products of animal origin), in proteins and calcium.

It’s interestingadopt a vegan diet for a weekas if we wanted to set up a Detox program. It’s even beneficial do it for a few days at each change of season or after the end of the year holidays to ‘cleanse’ yourself from the insideconfirms Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist. On the other hand, I do not recommend don’t do this anymore “.

According to the expert, it is common to see deficiencies appear in uninitiated people, who do not have the appropriate reflexes to compensate for the absence of animal proteins.

Vegan diet for a week: 3 main effects on the body

Have you decided to follow Raphaël Gruman’s advice and follow a vegan diet for a week? here they are 4 effects on the body :

You eliminate toxins thanks to your liver and kidneys

If you adopt the vegan diet for several days, after a week, the body will eliminate the toxins stored in the liver, kidneys and skin. This effect is possible because you have abandoned animal fats. These require a lot of energy and work from the digestive system.

Less fatigue thanks to better sleep

Meat or fish consumed later in the day can disrupt sleep because they require much longer digestion. When practicing a vegan diet, you will necessarily avoid these foods, especially at night. Your sleep will be more restorative as your digestive organs will be at rest », adds our nutritionist.

By eliminating toxins, your organs will also be able to function better which will allow you to recover faster and be less tired.

You will lose weight

When changing your diet over the course of a few days, it is common see a slight weight loss appeareven more than a week », Says Raphaël Gruman.

If you follow a vegan diet, you will necessarily eliminate cheese, meat, cold cuts, fish or even eggs and honey for several days, in favor of fruits, vegetables and legumes. This will be felt in your line.

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