20 Intoxicating Winter Fruitcakes

How to make a winter fruit cake?

There is often no need to embark on ultra-technical recipes to enjoy. A simple cake batter base – pound cake, yogurt, almond or sponge cake – is the perfect support for seasonal fruit. Whether you prefer citrus fruits zest or in juice to flavor the dough, in supremes to bring freshness and moisture to dessert, or in cream cheese spreads, there’s no need for much additional processing. Meringue, on the other hand, deliciously enhances any cake and reminds you of the divine at a glance. lemon meringue pie.

As for apples/pears, we play up the classics by adding them in pieces to the dough, or divinely caramelizing them for cakes with a tatin spirit. You can also grate them before adding them to the dough to replace all or part of the sugar. The same goes for the ultra-sweet pineapple, which brings a good dose of deliciousness to a simple cake, while reducing added sugar.

Fruits, other sugars

It is worth remembering that fruits are a natural source of sugar. Therefore, it is pointless to drown them under an indecent weight of refined sugar that unnecessarily increases the caloric dose of a cake – even if calories are just one factor among others that it is best not to pay too much attention to. – but above all because the latter completely masks the other flavors. A cake that’s too sweet will end up just being… sweet, and that’s a shame. While fruits, like spices, bring spicy flavor, acidity, sometimes bitterness, freshness, etc. When making a cake – no matter how basic it may be – you always need to keep an essential element in mind: balance. And in the case of fruit cakes, we analyze the added/integrated fruit to balance the recipe. In short, a winter fruitcake doesn’t have to be very sweet to be delicious! Last tip that is very important, we remember the essential rule “sugar calls for salt, and salt calls for sugar” understand in a dessert it is always good to add a touch of fleur de sel – flavor enhancer – which will enhance the whole and the sweet flavor of the fruit.

This is for theory, for practice, here are 20 recipes to try without delay.

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